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To become a superior faculty in the field of tropical fisheries and marine in 2020.


Organizing quality education in the field of fisheries and maritime affairs,

Carry out research and scientific publications and produce Intellectual Property Rights (HaKI) in the fisheries and marine sector,

Carry out community service in the field of fisheries and marine,

Organizing professional and accountable governance,

Carry out student activities to support the achievement of qualifications for COMPLETE graduates.



  • Producing superior graduates with the character of professional communicators, with a leadership spirit, entrepreneurship, thinker, educator (COMPLETE: communicator, professional, leader, entrepreneur, thinker, and educator) and noble character and spirit of Pancasila.
  • Producing research, scientific publications and IPR.
  • Produce applied science and technology in the fisheries and marine sector that are beneficial to the community.
  • Produce effective, efficient and accountable Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi services.


  • Able to produce graduates who are superior, have national and international competitiveness,
  • Able to organize a quality learning process.
  • Able to provide complete and quality learning facilities and infrastructure to support a good teaching and learning process.
  • Able to carry out research, and produce science and technology, scientific publications, and IPR in the field of fisheries and marine,
  • Able to disseminate applied science and technology in the field of fisheries and marine that is beneficial to society,
  • Able to organize internal management and educational services that are effective, efficient and accountable,
  • Able to create a conducive academic atmosphere,
  • Able to organize an integrated and well-managed internal management information system,
  • Able to increase the quantity and quality of student activities and services,
  • Able to organize a quality assurance system that is quality and sustainable,
  • Able to organize study programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in accordance with the demands and needs of stakeholders,
  • Able to collaborate with partner institutions to support COMPLETE graduates.