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DPT, SEMARANG – Students of the Department of Capture Fisheries (DPT) bring smiles of happiness after returning from FESTANAS at the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) carrying silver. Three delegates who participated in the final debate competition with the theme “Making Indonesia a World Maritime Axis through the Development of Marine and Fisheries Science and Technology”, namely Firman, Opal, and Rahayu fought hard against their hosts.

“We’ve been fighting hard and doing our best. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT is still given the opportunity to receive 2nd place in this debate, “said Firman, a 2017 batch of Capture Fisheries Department student.
The process they have accomplished to get to the championship is very tough. They are willing to spend the night practicing and mastering the material, so that the data used in the debate will be valid. In addition, consultations with DPT lecturers are also routinely carried out, questions and answers and other training related to public speaking are also carried out. Therefore the process does not deceive the results.

“We always practice at night. We contact the consul with lecturers, even friends and seniors to invite us to discuss about maritime affairs. Because we are sure, the process will not betray the results, “said Opal in an interview with LPM Warta Mahaprika.