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DPT, SEMARANG – The many achievements achieved by students of the fisheries department have made the lecturers and Department Heads enthusiastic in teaching. This is proven through the achievements of fellow DPT students who have won several competitions both nationally and internationally, both in the academic and non-academic fields. The Head of the Capture Fisheries Department revealed that these achievements need to be appreciated and given awards in order to stimulate and increase the enthusiasm of all capture fisheries students.

“We do this to maintain the champion spirit of capture fisheries students. There are many achievements that should be appreciated and appreciated. Therefore, we hope that by giving these few awards, capture fisheries students will be more enthusiastic about participating in the competition and winning it”, said Dr. Aristi Dian, S.Pi., M.Si. as Head of the Capture Fisheries Department on Thursday (7/3/2019).

One of the outstanding students who made a champion at the international level said that this was a good step from the Capture Fisheries Department to provoke enthusiasm for competition. The reason is that students rarely get direct attention by the campus bureaucracy.
“This is a good step, because we as students rarely get special attention from the campus regarding the competitions we are fighting for. Therefore, DPT (ed. Department of Capture Fisheries) is a good pioneer for this FPIK Campus”, explained Rifqi. Rudwi Rafifta, winner of an international competition in Germany.