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DPT, SEMARANG – The Department of Capture Fisheries, as the spearhead of learning and development in the field of capture fisheries studies at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University, seeks to improve the quality of its human resources. Improving the quality of human resources is needed to improve the quality of learning programs, so that they are able to produce graduates who are competent and have competitiveness and respond to the latest scientific developments. In addition, improving the quality of human resources in the Capture Fisheries Department also supports the quality of the implementation of various capture fisheries research, so that it can be applied in the form of community service.

One of the efforts made by the Capture Fisheries Department to improve the quality of its human resources is to include its teaching staff in various training programs. On this occasion, the Capture Fisheries Department sent one of its teaching staff to participate in a fisheries data processing training entitled “Fishery Data Analysis Training with R Studio Software”.
The training, which was held by the Nusantara Natural Track Record Foundation in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) -Indonesia Program, was held at the Bogor Archipelago Natural Tracks Foundation from 27 February 2019 to 1 March 2019. Teaching staff at the Capture Fisheries Department who participated in the activity these are Kukuh Eko Prihantoko, S.Pi., M.Si.

This training provides an understanding of management indicators for fisheries with limited data and how to process fisheries data using R Studio software. The training is limited in nature, only 8 (eight) participants took part in the training and came from various higher education institutions and NGOs. It is intended that the material presented can be conveyed well. However, the instructors in this training are experts in fisheries data processing using R Studio software. The lecturers in this training are Dr. Irfan Yulianto (WCS), Siska Agustina (WCS), and Moh.Natsir (Center for Fisheries Research, KKP).
The training material presented includes; Introduction to Fisheries Science (Indonesian Fisheries Development), Installation R and R for Fisheries (Libraries & amp; Package), Calculation of Fisheries Technical Efficiency with Stochastic Frontier Analysis, Assessment of Fishery Stock Conditions (Length Based Stock Assessent), Assessment of Fishery Stock Conditions (Yield per Recruit and Spawning Potential Ratio), and Catch Calculation per Unit Effort. (Kkh).