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Department of Capture Fisheries

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science

Universitas Diponegoro | The Excellent Research University

Department of Capture Fisheries Expertise




Research & Dedication

In Order to Support SDG’s, Capture Fisheries’s Community Service Team Conducted Fish Restocking at Gajah Mungkur Reservoir

Wonogiri (25/5), Fisheries activities carried out at the Gajah Mungkur Reservoir have the...

Application of Fresh Fishing Infrastructure to Improve Catch Quality in Pasar Banggi Village, Rembang

DPT, SEMARANG - Rembang (9/10), To improve the quality of fishery products carried out by...

Increasing Concern for the Tambak Lorok Community in Semarang during the Covid-19 Pandemic Through the Love for the Environment and Social Service Campaign

DPT, SEMARANG – On July 3, 2021, in order to increase public awareness of the environment in...

Diponegoro University Students Invented a Fish Collecting Equipment with Automatic Lights

DPT, SEMARANG - Efforts to make optimal use of the archipelago's fishery resources are still...


Benaya Success Story, FPIK UNDIP Alumni Becomes International Researcher on Fisheries and Coastal Community Shark Conservation

DPT, SEMARANG – The success stories of alumni have always been a source of pride and talk for...

Graduation of Capture Fisheries Department

DPT, SEMARANG - A graduation for the Department of Capture Fisheries has been held on Diponegoro...

Capture Fisheries Department Gives High Appreciation and Awards to Outstanding Students

DPT, SEMARANG - The many achievements achieved by students of the fisheries department have made...

Student of DPT Wins FESTANAS Debate Event at IPB

DPT, SEMARANG - Students of the Department of Capture Fisheries (DPT) bring smiles of happiness...


“I am proud to be able to study at the FPIK campus, because the useful knowledge supports the implementation in my work life.”


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