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Webinar | Scientific Freediving & Underwater Safety for Scientist

DPT, SEMARANG – Research Diving and Fisheries Schooling (RedFish) UNDIP held a webinar on freediving for students and safety in diving with the theme “Scientific Freediving & Underwater Safety for Scientist” in collaboration with the Semarang Diving Club and the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Indonesia.

The resource persons in this webinar are Bonifacius Arbanto, S.T, M.Si (SSI Instructor from the Semarang Diving Club); Rendra Hertiadhi (AND Indonesia); and Bayu Wardoyo (AND Indonesia). The number of participants who took part in this webinar was 100 people from all over Indonesia. This webinar activity aims to provide views and tips for students about the benefits of freediving to optimize research. In addition, providing new and deeper knowledge about safety in diving delivered by the best institution in Indonesia, namely the Divers Alert Network (DAN). (admin)