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DPT, SEMARANG – To improve the quality of smoked fish products processed by the fishing community of Tambak Lorok, Semarang City. The community service team from the Department of Capture Fisheries, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Diponegoro University, chaired by Dr. Herry Boesono, M.Pi with members of Prof. Dr. Aristi Dian Purnama Fitri, S.Pi., M.Si and Dr. Indradi Setyanto, SST, M.Si has carried out community service activities for the fishermen of Tambaklorok Semarang.

The Community Service Activities are funded by the Diponegoro University Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Grant Fund in 2021. This series of community service activities includes socialization of service programs, counseling related to liquid smoke and providing training and practice in fish processing using the liquid smoke method. The participants of this community service activity are the “KUB TUNAS BAHARI” Fishermen group, totaling 20 people. This community service activity runs with high enthusiasm. At the end of the activity, the Community Service Team donated 30 bottles of Corn Cob Liquid Smoke to be used by the fishing group.